FreeBSD 8.2-BETA1, 7.4-BETA1

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  1. Czy conky mozna przeportowac z FreeBSD do innych systemów z tej rodziny tj OpenBSD,NetBSD. Bo nie ma ani paczki binarnej ,ani w

  2. Niestety nie tak łatwo skompilować że źródeł pod BSD . Zwłaszcza pod NetBSD. "Conky doesn't compile on NetBSD! Edit href= Edit

    NetBSD is not supported by Conky at this moment. The support existed in Torsmo, however many features were added in Conky and it wasn't able to link on NetBSD because of not implemented functions. So NetBSD parts were disconneted from the build few months ago. Anyway, it should not be hard to add NetBSD support, all you need is just uncomment appropriate lines in and and then add emtpy stubs for missing functions to src/{net,open}bsd.c. If you're really willing to make Conky work, please mail to novel! "
    W i co prawda odhaczyłem co potrzeba, ale nie wiem o co chodzi z tym empty. :(