Mesa 8.0.1

Mesa 8.0.1

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Ian Romanick ogłosił wydanie Mesa 8.0.1, która dodaje kilka zmian oraz naprawia znalezione błędy. Mesa 8.0 wprowadza pełną implementację API biblioteki OpenGL 3.0. Mesa jest deweloperską wersją biblioteki funkcji graficznych, która jest implementacją OpenGL do renderowania trójwymiarowej grafiki na różnych platformach.

Naprawione błędy:

  • [ILK] piglit tex-border-1 fail
  • [bisected pineview] oglc pxconv-gettex(basic.allCases) fails on pineview
  • [bisected SNB] HiZ make many oglc cases regressed
  • [bisected] Color distortion with xbmc mediaplayer
  • [SNB IVB regression] gl-117 abort when click
  • [bisected IVB] glean/fbo regression in stencil-only case
  • main/image.c:1597: _mesa_convert_colors: Assertion `dstType == 0x1406′ failed.
  • main/image.c:1659: _mesa_convert_colors: Assertion `dstType == 0x1403′ failed.
  • [bisected PNV] oglc mustpass(basic.stipple) regressed on pineview
  • [PNV]oglc texenv(basic.allCases) regressed on pineview
  • [PNV] Regression in Piglit test general/two-sided-lighting-separate-specular
  • [r300g] r300_emit.c:365:r300_emit_aa_state: Assertion `(aa-d>dest)->cs_buf’ failed.


  • r600g: fix tex tile_type offset for cayman
  • r600g: 128 bit formats require tile_type = 1 on cayman
  • meta: Add pixel store/pack operations in decompress_texture_image
  • meta: Avoid FBO resizing/reallocating in decompress_texture_image
  • docs: add news item for 8.0 release
  • docs: update info about supported systems, GPUs, APIs
  • docs: add VMware link
  • docs: remove link to the GLSL compiler page
  • mesa: fix proxy texture target initialization
  • swrast: fix span color type selection
  • i965: Rewrite the HiZ op
  • i965: Remove file i965/junk, accidentally added in 7b36c68
  • st/mesa: only resolve if number of samples is > 1
  • i965: Fix HiZ change compiler warning.
  • i965: Report the failure message when failing to compile the fragment shader.
  • i965/fs: Enable register spilling on gen7 too.
  • docs: Add 8.0 MD5 checksums
  • glapi: Include GLES2 headers for ES2 extension functions
  • swrast: Only avoid empty _TexEnvPrograms
  • mesa: Bump version number to 8.0.1
  • i965: Fix border color on Ironlake.
  • i965/fs: Add a new fs_inst::regs_written function.
  • i965/fs: Take # of components into account in try_rewrite_rhs_to_dst.
  • i965: Emit Ivybridge VS workaround flushes.
  • state_stracker: Fix access to uninitialized memory.
  • i915: Fix type of “specoffset” variable.
  • r600g: Use a fake reloc to sleep for fences