OO.org i ODF coraz bardziej opłacalne (kilka krótkich newsów)

OO.org i ODF coraz bardziej opłacalne (kilka krótkich newsów)

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Saving money with OpenOffice.org

“The Danish government could save about 125 million Danish kroner (US$21 million) over the next five years if it adopted the OpenOffice.org productivity software instead of upgrading to Microsoft’s Office 2007 suite.”
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CNET: French government report lauds ODF

“He recommends that the French government „propose to its European partners to systematically favor open standards and, as the first example, to mandate the international ISO format ODF for the creation and diffusion of all official document exchange at the European level.”

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Malezja adoptuje ODF

„This past week, Malaysias standards body voted to propose ODF as a country standard, following the recognition in May by the International Organization For Standardization (ISO) of ODF as an international standard. After a public comment period that ends in October, Malaysias Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation is expected to formally endorse ODF by years end, recommending the format for use by the public sector.”

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Mobile Office odczytuje OpenDocument

“Odendahl SEPT-Solutions has announced the release of ” Mobile Office”. It is the first and only application for Symbian (or any other mobile platform) that enables users to read OpenDocument format files on the go.”
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  1. Spokojnie. Jak skroimy większą kampanie marketingową, społeczeństwo będzie zachwycone. W końcu "ciemny lud i tak wszystko kupi" :D

    Myslicie, że społeczeństwo wie co do ODF? To ma się po prostu dać otworzyć. A wszystko wskazuje na to, że dużo firm i produktów zaadoptowało ODF :)