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W dniach 15 – 16 stycznia 2014 roku Valve zorganizowało dla deweloperów gier konferencję Steam Dev Days. Przyjechali twórcy z praktycznie całego świata, a każdy z nich otrzymał w prezencie Steam Machine – Gigabyte Brix Pro i Steam Controller. W ciągu tych dwóch dni odbyło się łącznie 28 prezentacji, w których wystąpili m.in. Gabe Newell, Ryan Gordon, Ian Romanick, Kyle Davis, Marc Diana i wielu pracowników Valve.

Welcome Address

Gabe Newell

Steam Machines in 2014 – Opening up the Living Room

Mike Burrows (Intel), Greg Coomer (Valve), Marc Diana (Alienware), Anna Sweet (Valve)

The Steam Controller – Production, Programming, and What’s Next

Eric Hope (Valve), John McCaskey (Valve)

In-Game Economies in Team Fortress 2 and Dota 2

Kyle Davis (Valve)

Embracing User Generated Content

Tom Bui (Valve)

Getting Started with Linux Game Development

Ryan Gordon (Icculus)

Marketing Your Game

Alexander Bruce (Antichamber), Alfonso Cubias (Digital Extremes), Cliff Harris (Positech Games), Henrique Olifiers (Bossa Studios)

Music in Valve Games and Media

Mike Morasky (Valve)

Moving Your Games to OpenGL

Rich Geldreich (Valve), Dan Ginsburg (Valve), Peter Lohrmann (Valve), Jason Mitchell (Valve)

Community and Communication in Games-As-Services

Robin Walker (Valve)

United We Win: Lessons Learned from Collaboration and Co-working Around the World

Ichiro Lambe (Dejobaan Games)

Getting Started Debugging on Linux

Bruce Dawson (Valve)

Optimizing Linux games for AMD Graphics using GPU PerfStudio2

Tony Hosier (AMD), Gordon Selley (AMD)

Data to Drive Decision-Making

Mike Ambinder (Valve)

Is Early Access Right for You?

Justin Bailey (Double Fine), Bob Berry (Uber Entertainment), Jamie Cheng (Klei Entertainment), Mark Morris (Introversion)

Performance Tuning Applications for Intel GEN Graphics for Linux and SteamOS

Ian Romanick (Intel)

Steam Business Update

Nathaniel Blue (Valve), DJ Powers (Valve)

Portal 2 and Team Fortress 2 Alternate Reality Games Q&A

Jeep Barnett (Valve), Kyle Davis (Valve), Adam Foster (Valve)

The Evolution of Gaming Hardware

Marc Diana (Alienware)

Steamworks Features – A Technical Overview

Chris Boyd (Valve)

Beyond Porting: How Modern OpenGL can Radically Reduce Driver Overhead

Cass Everitt (NVIDIA), John McDonald (NVIDIA)

100% Steam: How Dovetail Games Steam-only Policy has Built the Foundation for a New Type of Videogame Business

Paul Jackson (Dovetail Games)

Game Development with SDL 2.0

Ryan Gordon (Icculus)

What VR Could, Should, and Almost Certainly Will Be within Two Years

Michael Abrash (Valve)

Porting games to Virtual Reality

Palmer Luckey (Oculus VR)

Wild West of VR – Discovering the Rules of Oculus Rift Development

Devin Reimer (Owlchemy Labs), Alex Schwartz (Owlchemy Labs)

Virtual Reality and Steam

Joe Ludwig



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